The (real) Economic Zero Sum Game

Liberals and those completely ignorant of economics (I know, redundant) believe that EVERYTHING is a “zero sum game”, that the economy is a finite pie, that Person A can only become “rich” (ie, in ObamaWorld that means “has a JOB and isn’t dependent on the Regime”) if he steals from Person B’s “just” share of the same finite pie.

This is, of course a lie.  Economies are dynamic, not static, which is the primary reason why every attempt at economic socialism from the Soviet Union to Europe has resulted in collapse, bankruptcy and poverty. Socialists are unable to conceive of a dynamic economic model because their Marxist education and worldview omits the concept because ITS ABSENCE is the only ingredient that allows Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-Obamist  systems to work, even theoretically.

The State takes the finite pie, and divides it as it sees fit.  The problem with this is that pesky truth that ALL economies are dynamic, not static.  When the State decides that Person A’s wealth and income is going to be confiscated (from each according to his ability) to benefit Person B (to each according to his needs) what incentive does Person A have to continue to produce at his/her current pace?  What incentive does Person A have to IMPROVE their abilities, capabilities?  Why bother when everything extra you do is simply going go be confiscated?  Does anyone have the MORAL obligation to work hard for thieves, even if the thief is a Sovereign State?

The answer to that, of course, is that there is no such moral obligation.  And Person A (Producer) will slack off, hide or conceal their productivity, or even relocate it to a less amoral place, and Person B (Looter) ultimately will NEVER SEE that which the benevolent Central Committee has decreed to be their “fair” share of the finite pie.  This is what ultimately sends Socialist states into deficit and debt and ultimately into bankruptcy and collapse.  Producers are NOT going to produce just to have their work stolen from them to give to others who DO NOT produce, and therefore DID NOT EARN IT out of altruism.  And in such a system, the Looters are NEVER going to work to earn.

Without INCENTIVE, the Producer will never produce more than they absolutely have to in order to survive, and without NECESSITY no Looter will ever become a Producer.

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