Judge in Hostess Bankruptcy goes wobbly

Via Bloomberg

The judge overseeing Hostess Brands Inc. declined to approve the company’s liquidation today and asked management and the bakers’ union to enter mediation tomorrow to explain the strike that the maker of Twinkies and Wonder bread said forced it to shut down.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain said at a hearing in White Plains, New York, that there are “serious questions as to the logic behind the decision to strike.” Hostess and the bakers’ union agreed to Drain’s request to enter confidential mediation under his supervision.

Ok, what the devil is going on here?  This judge has ALREADY ordered the imposition of the contract with the bakers which they have refused (thus putting the union potentially in contempt) .  Hostess is in bankruptcy to begin with because their costs, including union benefits put them in a situation where they cannot make money.  So what is there to discuss?

I will make you a prediction: The Regime is getting involved.  They want a settlement with the union, not the company or assets being sold and becoming non union in a right to work state, or worse, being sold to a Mexican outfit that will be able to get around the enormous and stupid US sugar tariffs that caused Hostess’s cost of making Twinkies to “necessarily skyrocket”.

Obama is all about protecting jobs, you know.  His job.  Government jobs.  Union thug jobs.  Not YOUR job.  I bet you by next week The Regime will force some form of Federal NLRB mediation on Hostess, and that they will be forbidden by regulators to liquidate and break up the company.  If that happens, I hope that they Go FULL Galt and let the brands burn in hopes that this gang of communist criminals actually leave power in January 2017 as they are supposed to.

On a personal note, I happen to be in possession of what may well be the last box of Ding Dongs in the greater Tri-State area. Twinkies and Ding Dongs disappeared from shelves Friday.  I bought what I could.  Sadly, these products may never return to the market, especially as they were.  Especially if Hussein’s Bitter Half has anything to say about it…

UPDATE: This story has made Hot Air.  But their conclusion is wrong.  Still worth a read, the commentators will get it right :)

3 thoughts on “Judge in Hostess Bankruptcy goes wobbly

  1. Why is this judge basically standing in the way of having this company being bought by a non union (hopefully) entity.

    Now ya got 11 hits!

  2. A good point. The Judge has already ORDERED the union to accept the offer by Hostess (or else). They didn’t. Therefore the ONLY option he has is to approve the liquidation.

    This is why I suspect intervention by Holder or someone else in The Regime.

    And thanks for hit 11 :) Also I opened commenting, I thought it was open and didn’t need approval (I am a WordPress noob).

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