In case you doubted it, the hacker group Anonymous are terrorists

hat tip: The Other McCain

In choosing to openly side with the murdering islamofascist Hamas, which has as it’s prime directive the murder of all Jews (and when they are done with that everyone else who doesn’t turn to the shrine of the moon-god allah 5 times a day) they have clearly shown they are the enemy of civilization.

As a career “IT Guy” I can tell you nothing pisses me off more than punks and hackers who write viruses, malware, and who try to compromise systems.  I’ve spent my whole life PROTECTING systems from these pimply faced weasels in Mommy’s Basement who likely haven’t seen a girl outside Anime.  There is nothing good or honorable about hacking, no matter what the cause or purpose.

To side with islam against Israel is to side with the barbarian over civilization, to side with the lion vs the Christian.  As was said in the article I linked to The Other McCain these little pricks (and they are little) better hope the FBI gets them before Mossad does.

To lighten the mood, here’s Israel kicking some Hamas ass:

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